14 Stations of the Cross

Today is Good Friday, the day traditionally set aside in the year to remember the death of Jesus on the cross. Good Friday is one of only two days in the year that Roman Catholics do not have Mass. Instead, on this day, most Catholic Churches say the stations of the Cross (these are normally found an pictures around the inside walls of all Churches). In the 12th century, St Francis of Assisi devised the list and started the tradition of reciting it as a type of devotional service. Structurally, Mel Gibson’s 2004 film, The Passion of the Christ, follows the stations. This is the complete list of the 14 stations, as St Francis defined them.


First Station

Jesus is condemned to death






Second Station

Jesus carries His cross







Third Station

Jesus falls the first time







Fourth Station

Jesus meets his mother







Fifth Station

Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry his cross







Sixth Station

Veronica wipes the face of Jesus







Seventh Station

Jesus falls the second time







Eight Station

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem







Ninth Station

Jesus falls a third time







Tenth Station

Jesus’ clothes are taken away







Eleventh Station

Jesus is nailed to the cross







Twelfth Station

Jesus dies on the cross







Thirteenth Station

The body of Jesus is taken down from the cross







Fourteenth Station

Jesus is laid in the tomb









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